Space Freighter Command Deck WIP

Working on the command deck of the Space Freighter interior set. This was designed to take a modular approach. It is cleaner and less beat up than the other set, and I'm intending on also cleaning up the rest of the interior on the other project as well.

The modular set up includes having the end user be able to swap two different styles of forward sections of the command deck. One is curved, while the other is angular, to allow for multiple styles of star ships to contain the command deck.

Modelled in Blender 2.78a and textured in Substance Painter, the model was then finally rendered and composited in Blender. Still some tweaking to do with the model, and so therefore it is considered WIP still.


Daniel brown 46

Fore sections, looking aft

Daniel brown 47

Aft section, looking forward

Daniel brown 45

Mid section, looking forward

Nero's Fire Command Deck WIP

Nero's Fire Command Deck Version 2

Daniel brown 19

Console detail

Daniel brown 49

Aft detail

Daniel brown 50

Console detail, fore

Daniel brown 51
Daniel brown 48

Aft detail 2

Daniel brown 65

Alternate Forward Section 1

Daniel brown 66

Alternate Forward Section 2