Starship Adamant

Been working on this project for a little while. I wanted to tackle the challenge of working on a large scale star ship from concept to full scale model. Prerequisites included that it be able to be shot from multiple angles and from wide to medium-close-up distances without losing much visual interest. The result was a fairly heavy mesh (6 million tris), without much geometric balance, and a lot of wasted polygons. Detail on the turrets, for instance, is very heavy, but the surrounding hull area is too low detail, and therefore precludes any close-ups on the turrets. On the other hand, the model looks best at medium distance, and is suitable for 4k renders. Post-production use of some edge detect and moderate ambient occlusion boosting highlights the greeble details.

I'll probably move it to Maya for compatibility, but I feel most comfortable in Blender 3D's modeller, so I stuck with that to push the polygons with initially. This ship will be tinkered with for a long time to come, and I'm glad to have it in my stock of ships to put in scenes.

Daniel brown 1


Daniel brown 2


Daniel brown 3

Adamant Warp Drop Out Final

Daniel brown 4
Daniel brown 5

Adamant Renders