Facing the Knights

Commission work I did for a novel by Daniel Liut, targeted to a young adult audience. The client requested 2D art for print quality (6" x 9" @300 dpi). The challenges this project introduced were 1.) The image had to have a painted look to match art already made for the book. 2.) There was a time constraint, so as much as possible had to be done in 3D, because that is the medium I work fastest in.

Therefore, after modelling and lighting the scenes as fully as possible, I imported them into a paint program and added a few modifiers to create the painted look.

The client asked for an image that indicated an advanced, space-faring society meeting one at only at a medieval stage of development. The ground foliage was preexisting geometry that I used a particle system to distribute over the ground surface. The trees are hand-placed meshes. The Commander and standard-bearer are hand-placed and posed. The rest of the army are a particle system low-poly versions of the lieutenant.

Daniel brown plate z

Final plate

Daniel brown foreground2

The foreground plate

Daniel brown background

Background plate. For the knights and their mounts, the horse armor and helmets were modeled specifically for this scene. The horse model and body armor of the knights were premade geometry modified for this. Only what is usable is visible in the final

Daniel brown comp8

Before the painted effect is applied