Starship Adamant Command Deck

WIP images (and videos) of the command deck digital set for "Starship Adamant".

Officially finished this one, but tweaking will probably continue. I'll be porting this over to Maya 2017, next, aiming for the Arnold Renderer.

Modeled inside of Blender and textured in Substance Painter 2, this set uses 4096x4096 resolution textures on all surfaces, and takes upwards of 8 gigabytes of memory when fully loaded during render.

The set is nearly complete. Just some finishing touches and to render out the remainder the presentation video.


Daniel brown 26

Captain's Dais (Finished)

Daniel brown 17

Forward amidships, view aft

Daniel brown 13

Amidships aft, view forward

Daniel brown 23

Starboard crew pit workstations (fin)

Starship Adamant Command Center Walkthrough

Daniel brown 22

Aft Section (fin)

Daniel brown 19

Aft Blast Door Detail

Daniel brown 21

Aft Corridor (fin)

Starship Adamant Command Center WIP 1

Daniel brown 1 renderpass

Materials Texture passes

Daniel brown 24

Post-Production node set-up (Blender)

Daniel brown 25

Post-Production node set-up, color correction (Blender)

Daniel brown 10

Maya 2017 version constraints for animating the small doors

Daniel brown 10b
Daniel brown 10c